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Solway Basketball Club

Solway Basketball Club Inc. is a domestic basketball club that seeks to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where children can both enjoy the game and equally develop their basketball skills.

Summer Season Teams now online

The summer season team were made available on presentation night and are now available on the website. please click on temas and the appropriate age group if you were unable to make it on the night.
Presentation Night was a big success, thanks to all that contributed to the night and congratulations to all the teams who participated in the Grand Finals! Well done.
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Uniform Change for Current Players– Yellow Clash Tops

Over the past 2 years the club has been transitioning to the new reversible red tops when a member purchases a new or replacement uniform. This means that when a Solway team clashes with another Solway team the home team can reverse their tops to Yellow. As a result we now find that the majority of players have the new tops. The Solway Basketball Committee has now decided to phase out the use of the Yellow Clash Tops.

Notice is hereby given that all players must wear new reversible Red / Yellow Tops with effect from the Spring / Summer Season 2015 /2016 (1 year away). At this time we will stop providing clash vests when a Solway team plays another Solway team.

Uniform Policy for New Players

All new players joining the Solway Basketball Club are required to have the reversible top playing shirt which is ‘red’ one side and reversible to be ‘yellow’, which is the ‘clash’ vest. The older style ‘red’ only vest is not allowed for new players and is being phased out for existing players (see above).

This policy of requiring the new reversible top uniforms also applies to families who may previously have passed their old uniforms down to younger family members. The new family members are required to have the new reversible top uniform.